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Victor Dub
Thanks for popping by!

How to make money is a free web-site dedicated to resolving questions related to money making. These days more and more folks turning to internet in hopes of earning money, for the majority hopefully earn some extra cash for the minority it had become their primary income source.

The majority of people that make money online do it or wanna do it with their website which means they gotta deal with something called SEO. Now I am not gonna discuss search engine optimization here and how it's a must do thing to earn money but I can tell you how we can help you to improve it!

Basic SEO: OK so to make money online you obviously need a website and this website needs to ranks high on Google to get there it needs backlinks not just any backlinks but relevant to your site ones!

Now the easiest way to get backlinks is by using so called "Guest posting" sites, blogs or services.

Using those you run into risk of getting penalized or even getting banned from Google for spamming case on those sites you get all kinds of back-links turning them into junk that search engines don't like.

Now we don't have "Guest post" option here but you can still get high quality and dofollow backlinks by contributing to our website!


Let me explain.

By putting a link into your signature witch is shown on every post you make you generate backlinks and get free traffic ain't that cool.

Now we don't allow users spamming in posts unless you post some great article where we will let you include one link. So it's a win win for both of us you get free backlinks and traffic we get quality content.

Now I said that you need quality links to your site, so to achieve that make sure every time you post your reply is relatively long and it's a quality one! Case guess what comes after that reply your link. Don't just post "thanks" or "nice info" this will get you nowhere plus we ban users doing that.

OK this is all I had to say. Good luck and enjoy using our community.
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