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Hi guys here is a quick post that will teach you a trick on how you can quickly find out if your website is showing on Google search results for a given search query or keyword.

#1 So to make it work log into your Google account and search for your website on Google then click on the link.

#2 Now input into the search engine a keyword that you know your website is ranking for and check if your website is showing on the first page if not repeat step #1 as many times as necessary to make this step #2 work. Your website should show on the first page and have a different link color from the rest of results also at the bottom of the link it should say some like you visited this site many times.

#3 Now we can check ranking easy. Simply input a keyword and if the site is showing on top results then it is ranking somewhere for this query. You would need to check each SERP to find it's location.

Thanks please comment tell me what you think.
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