what is deffirence betwwen cannoical tag and 301 redirecting in seo

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may i know the major diffrence between cannoical tag and 301 redirecting
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Canonical URL will let you access the web page where 301 redirect won't!
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301 redirecting means the page has permanently deleted.
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301 redirects is a better option than canonical tags to get rid of duplicate content and helps Google to crawl website easily.
You can access the web page in case of canonical tag but in 301 redirects you cannot access the webpage as it redirects you to another landing page.
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The Canonical URL tag helps the webmaster and site owners to eliminate self-created duplicate content in the index. As 301 is redirect is known as the permanent redirect in which 301 status code shows that page has permanently moved to a new location.
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We use 301 redirection to show Google that current page is permanently moved to another page/URL and Canonical is used to prevent penalties by Google for duplicate content. When we use it, the current page exists but shows to Google that it is "copy" of another "master page".
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One is header tag and while second tag is most commonly used in httaccess file, Canonical tag is used by webmaster to tell the search engines that the original content of this post is located at this specified url, and it helps you to prevent from duplicate content and thus you save your website from penalty risk, where as the 301 redirect is used to redirect the old url to new url, and with a 301 redirect the link is updated to a new link, and the traffic and position does not effect much. So it is considered most safe redirect.

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