simple Growth hack facts for SEO.

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In every business there must be competitors and who are being successful in market. If anyone want to get success in a business He or she need to have a deep knowledge what’s going on in market, what others doing right now, their strategy, statistics, mostly a fulfill information of their successful competitor.

Growth hacking is nothing but a process of swift experimentation over marketing channels and product development trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, to grow your business.
It may sound like a buzzword but an innovative approach to your business.
SEO is highly technical and must be implemented carefully.
I find Search engine optimization always depends on the tricks rather than its procedure. Its highly technical and must be implemented with care.
For example, in online market people wouldn’t search with your business name rather than product so it’s clear that your product page should be optimized more than your landing page. Because the basic concept is you should be found when users are searching what you providing to them.
Here I am gonna mention some simple growth hack facts for SEO.
1. Knowledge on Webmaster Guidelines
2. Make a list of keywords you want to rank for with their volume and competition.
3. Find out your competitors for your Keywords.
4. Analyze their pages/blogs/articles Domain age & authority, Links pointing back to this particular website/page, Proper on-page SEO tactics, overall marketing strategy
5. Distribute your keywords on Titles, Descriptions, Headings & Content, Images Titles & URLs.
6. Find Viral content for those keywords.
7. 7. Start link building doing off page SEO
8. Try to get as much backlinks from high authority domains.

There are so many facts that couldn’t be described in this short brief, hope you find it helpful and for more further information you can find me at here.
Feel free to share your opinion and valuable knowledge regarding this topic.
Any meaningful contribution would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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It is true that SEO is the process of experiment in which you can grow your page or website on search engine by using different methods and tricks in which you do on-page and off-page SEO techniques to rank up on the top in all search engines.

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