best adsense ad sizes?

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What are the top Adsense ad size that have great performance high CTP and CPC?
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Most successful ad sizes are: 336x280 large rectangle, the 300x250 medium rectangle, the 728x90 leaderboard, the 300x600 half page, and on mobile the 320x100 large mobile banner.

What matters is not the ad size but the location!
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The Google Adsense provides the many sizes to place ads as you can select your own choice sizes and if you do not select sizes then Google Adsense will automatically select Ads Sizes for your websites.
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(11-12-2015 09:14 PM)ivan Wrote:  What are the top Adsense ad size that have great performance high CTP and CPC?

As far as I remember, they require several ad banners to adjust to all ad formats: horizontal, one line, vertical block. So it's the resolution that matters.
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Ads that are closer to the content and easily visible upon page load will get you a higher CTR (click through rate). You need to make sure that you choose the ad size that is easily noticeable. Some of the Google AdSense ad sizes are too small and some could be too large to affect user experience.
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The best adsizes i am using is 728x90,200x200,300x250

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