Why my blog is not making money?

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I have a blog where I post regularly and I have #AdsenseADS but when I check my earnings they only show like 1 or 2 cents what is wrong how to increase adsense earnings?
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To increase #AdsenseEarnings you need to increase the amount of traffic your website or a blog or youtube videos get! Also you need to increase CTR which is achieved by by using the right ad type, size, position and you need to blend it with your content to increase clicks.
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How much traffic are you getting on your blog and how often do you update it ?
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To increase revenue from Adsense, you need to improve your rankings and traffic Big Grin
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Hi guys!I've also started to write the blog!but I do not know how to promote it? I have only 2 visitors per day
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My suggestion to you is that write better.
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Hopefully, these steps could increase

Appeal To Your Top Referrers
Write Content That Links Within Your Site
Text and Image Ads
Increase Ad Size
Ad Placement
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If you want to make money from through blog then you must increase the real-time traffic to your blog which not only increases the ranking of your website but also increases your chances to earn more money from your blogging website.
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You need traffic to increase your revenue. Try to do SEO and promote your site on social media communities.

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