What are the best places to bank and do business in Hong Kong?

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Asia market is pretty hot right now an full of money making opportunities so what places are the best to bank and do business in Hong Kong?
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There are numerous opportunities available to businessman to do business in HongKong as here is the following best places to work or business in HongKong:
1: Mongkok business hotel
2: Tin Hau business hotel
3: Tsuen Wan business hotel
4: West Kowloon business hotel
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Firstly, you will not be able to recruit Chinese local employees without a Chinese registered entity. In China, the English speakers only occupy 0.77% of the total eligible population and the average monthly salary for a skilled employee is around US$800. Therefore, recruiting local employees is necessary and cost-efficient for the access to the mainland Chinese market, and this can only be done through China registered companies.

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