The honest truth about making money online

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I first tried to make money online in 1997. My friend told me about a software app that could send thousands of spam messages per minute. I got a PO Box and started spamming out random messages getting people to send me checks thru the mail. Then I started hearing about people going to jail behind spamming and scamming, so I stopped.
I then got invovled in stock day trading and real estate and made almost a million dollars in a few years. But then the real estate bubble popped and I lost all my houses, cars, credit cards, and self confidence. I was planning to kill myself but the girl I was dating at the time believed in me. She told me that I had potential and she lent me $2,500 to start a new business. It was offline and I quickly made a decent chunk of money. I paid her back, broke up with her, and went back to try online business.
By this time, everyone was doing affiate marketing. So I built a huge network of Wordpress sites and put banners, links, and articles on the sites. And just when I got a little traction, internet bullies destroyed all of the sites. Two years of work down the drain.
Again, I was depressed, but not suicidal. This time I decided to join my local business center and work with a coach. He taught me how to build a legit business doing things that I enjoy. Now I have a huge network of websites, but they are not WP sites. They are all safe and secure scripts and templates. I have a development team that builds custom apps for me. I have a good reputation all over the internet. For the first time in my life, I am enjoying my business and making decent money. And it's all honest.
The main takeaways:
  1. Work with someone who is successful
  2. Don't scam people
  3. Learn some basic SEO skills
  4. Develop and Sell your own products and services
  5. Build a wide online presence.
I'm always happy to provide further insights.
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Wow man I am so sorry bro but but everything you had learned you earned it the hard way man. Thanks for sharing with us your live story and thanks for sharing these helpful tips.
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You started to make money online 20 years ago. It's impressive. I've just known about MMO lately and I think it's amazing. I'm trying to know more about website and SEO. I think now everybody use Wordpress for their sites.
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It is really hard to make money on online. One need to implement the idea as on online. Mobile application business is at on rise, try that.
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Online or Oflline. You need to face problems. Great you came back in confidence. Thank you to bost our confidence.
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It is true that you can make money online through various platforms which are as follows:
1: Through Blogging
2: Through Adsense
3: Through Youtube Channel
4: Through Online Survey
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Man, the e-commerce world is full of hardships and trials. Its hard to dive in online. Its such a big and free world. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
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Now, the internet marketing and blogging are the most profitable money making strategies in 2018.

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