SEO for non-profit forum?

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Recently, I start a new forum and this is for non-profit purpose.

How can I Increase presence of my forum in related peoples only?

Currently I am sharing my forum thread on facebook but did not get good number of visitors and site is very new.
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Most of the internet user that use forums are the webmasters and marketers looking to get traffic, generate backlinks to improve #SEO and increase rankings.

Also there are as many that are looking to buy sell, trade or advertise their products and services you should take that into consideration too.

People are using forums only for that very small percentage use them actually for learning Smile
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Do Social Media Ad campaign as well as Google Adwords. So that you can increase your site's name all over for the precised people.
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You can do SEO for your newly created non-profit forum which are as follows:
1: You can generate quality backlinks
2: You can run effective and quality Social Media Ad Campaign to increase presence
3: You can also run Google AdWords campaigns.

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