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Before I begin revealing the secret I just want you to ask you self one question. What does everybody looking to earn money from the internet want?

Well the answer is pretty obvious... money right.

That being said in order to make money online you have to either own an eCommerce website, blog, youtube or any other social media profile or channel.

No matter whether you try to sell products, or get more views or subscribers, all of them have one thing in common. All of them rely on traffic to let you make money.

Now to get traffic you got 2 choices.

You can get if for free via SEO and AKA organic traffic or you can pay for it via PPC (pay per click), which is pretty strange, who would wanna pay money to get traffic when u can get it for free from search engines like google, bing or social media networks right.

However in order to get free traffic your business needs backlinks.

The more you have them the higher your business shows in organic results, which bring more free traffic, which in turn equals to more sales, views, subscribers, clicks and that's how people make money from home online.

Stay with me this is really powerful stuff.

In order to get or generate backlinks you got again 2 choices.

You can generate backlinks yourself and this way save lots of money. This approach requires a good knowledge and understanding of how seo works which is really hard.

Or you can buy backlinks cheap from other search engine optimization experts.

Most people go with option number 2 because its more convenient to just pay someone a little money and let them generate backlinks for them fast.

Here is a crucial factor in this formula!!!

SEO takes time to start showing effects.

Everybody knows that!!!

Its not gonna happen overnight.

It takes around 3 months to see some results from your last campaign.

Many websites took advantage of the fact that there are tons of potential clients looking to spend their money in exchange for backlinks.

I am not gonna mention any SEO marketplace in particular but all of them operate the same way.

They let people buy SEO services.

One thing before we begin...

Some experts generate backlinks, social media signals, traffic, etc manually but most of them utilize an automated software!!!

Finally, i am gonna let you know how to make money from SEO.

You join one or more of those SEO marketplaces and start selling your services.

You don't need to be an expert case we will be using paid services or SEO software.

For instance if we would like to create an offer for: backlinks creation, we need to know how much paid backlinks generator service changes for generating certain amount of backlinks, then create an offer with a slightly higher amount for profit after we pay that paid service. And so on!

When order comes we simply place same order on paid service of our choice and then when order is complete send report to buyer.

Sounds simple right! Well....there is a slight problem. Sellers reply on reputation and positive feedback.

However since SEO takes tome it makes it so easy!

When you deliver SEO report the buyer got no choice but to mark order complete case they know SEO takes time. Once they mark order complete you get paid (at this point they can't cancer or request refund) and you add one more satisfied custumer to your reputation.

Now when describing your offer you need to make it clear that it will take time for generated backlinks to take effect and start increasing websites rankings or get website on first page but whether it will ever happen is not your problem.

So this is how you make money from SEO! Fast and easy!

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