Make money blogging?

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I am planning to start #MakingMoney online from #blogging and I have a question! Is Google #Blogger free blog good choice?
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You right... #blogging is the easiest and in many cases the best way to #MakeMoneyOnline! Why cause to make it in the internet content is the KING so the websites that produce a ton of quality and original content get high Google rankings, tons of traffic and make lots of #money trust me!
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Blogging is great way to earn money online. First, you have to create blog. I mean you have to create good blog with rare and good quality content. Then promote it, write on forums, leave a lot of coments there. Make sure that your comments are valuable. You don't want to be banned.

When you'll get your audience, try to use your page to earn, e.g. for ads.
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yes, blogging is the easiest and cheapest form to earn or make money online as you don't need to spend money and all you need is just to create and publish unique and original content.
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Blogging is a great money making strategy but it needs time to make a popular blog. You have to work hard and write helpful content to your blog daily.
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Yes, You can earn good amount of money by blogging. It's a strategy where you have to implement all content marketing efforts to reach out relevant audience as per the industry.

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