Life of offline retial business

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With the increasing use of online shopping these days across the world, I sometimes wonder if traditional offline retailers will be relevant at all in the near future.

Just take my example, I have already been buying 75% of all my retail requirements from grocery to personal needs, online, and I just started 4 years ago. I am sure I will end up buying almost everything online within 2 years.

Do you think offline retailers have future? What could be the life left for offline retailers, if they are about to decline?
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The technology makes our life easy as we can do online shopping at home and they deliver the products at our doorstep as it will reduce the life of offline retail business. The offline retail business has its own worth as e-commerce website also have the large audience.
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Like any e-commerce store, online grocery stores also offers a bigger catalog of items accessible compared to what you find at your neighborhood store. Big players use to have items accessible from more than 1,000 brands. You’ll likewise find that item accessibility is easier and you can see every single deals or special offer in one spot.

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