How to optimize landing page?

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What are the things I need to consider when optimizing the landing page. How can I make the user to trust my page and convert them as my customer?
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When you are selling some products and services you should show the customers some positive reviews and feedback from customers and some positive statistics to show that whatever you sell is working great Smile
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Use pingdom, it's free Website Speed Test tool to analyze the load speed of your websites, and learn how to make them faster, just follow the instruction provided in the speed test result to increase the speed of your web site Smile
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Optimizing landing pages for relevance is a complicated process that can yield uncertain results.
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Provide the user what they need. The landing page must be specific of what it is about.
Use some images, infographic to explain your service.
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Start with a few of these tips - or try them all - to increase your landing page lead-generation success. As with any online marketing, take the opportunity to test your campaigns. A/B test your landing pages, tweaking and optimizing to obtain a cumulative optimization gain - and get lots more leads and sales.
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Begin with a couple of these tips - or attempt them all - to expand your point of arrival lead-era achievement. Likewise with any web based advertising, accept the open door to test your crusades. A/B test your presentation pages, tweaking and upgrading to get an aggregate streamlining pick up - and get parts more leads and deals.
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For each factor, you'll come away with solid, data-backed takeaways that you can use when designing your own, high-converting landing pages.

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