How to make money with Mobile Marketing?

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Everybody these days have a mobile device in their pocket right and that means there is a huge market with a ton of opportunities to make money but how exactly to make it work?
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The best would be to create some killer APP and then spend a bit of money on marketing to increase sales.
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Marcus is right!
Recently I published an app called: watsapp shadow
I am just a starter to app publishing and marketing.
You know what it gives me 30$-50$/month IN THE LAST THREE MONTHS. Still I didn't promoted yet, it gives me basic earnings organically.
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Mobile Marketing is also a great to get earning now a days..Thanks for sharing about Mobile Marketing earning..
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Make a gaming Application which allow your users to buy features and tools in game.
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Yes you can make money with mobile marketing as online market now dependent on the mobile as 60% youth is now using mobile phone and never use desktop and laptops so if you want to promote any brand or business online then you should focus on the mobile marketing so that you can throw your message to large number of people.

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