How to make money online with Adsense?

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Can anybody post a quick step by step tutorial on how to get starter making money online with Goggle Adsense?
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You can either use YouTube upload videos monetize them with Adsense ads or create a blogger blog or website make it rank high on Google so that it will get a ton of traffic then monetize the content with ads.

Adsense is the easiest way to earn money online!
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hi, can you provide more instruction about this thread.
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You can make money online with Adsense through the following ways:
1: By Linking up your website to Google Adsense
2: By Creating Blogs through Google Blogging website
3: By Creating Youtube Channel
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Google AdSense will generate you an html code once you've registered.
It requires you to put it in your pages (into the html structure, obviously), and after that they review your website.
If everything's fine, you can then click a "Display ads" tumbler in your AdSense account, and the ads will start running on your website.

When I tried to attach it to a Youtube channel, it still asked me to insert the html code into my webpage first.

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