How to make money on stock market?

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I hear all the time people talking about stocks this and that and that they earn decent amount of money on the #StockMarket but what is it and #HowTo get started?
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This is quite difficult process and if you are not careful you can be one of those got hit by "2015 stock market crash"
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Play the time-zone game.
Invest on market open and close.
Use Pre-Market prices as a guide to the day.
Watch the trading 'band'
Anticipate company developments.
Use the Limit feature to manage risk.
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you also make money when you sell/short shares on stock markets.

when you buy shares, money goes out of your bank accounts.

when you sell shares. money gets deposited into your bank accounts.
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To enter into stock market without any guide is just like that you got a car and you don't know how to drive so be careful before doing any activity in stock market and always consult your stock broker before any sale or purchase of share.

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