How to increase the search traffic?

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hi I want to know about the how to increase search traffic? anyone know can you explain to me
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How to increase the search traffic
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if you want to increase search traffic then we have to do either ppc or seo
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Here is the list of best techniques for Increasing search traffic, such as
1. Use long-tail keyword keywords
2. Write the rich content for your website
3. Place the keywords in properly
4. Follow the google guidelines
5. optimize the articles etc..
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You can increase the search traffic by doing social media activities such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.
Use the high quality content for your website.
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Post high-quality content on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. Content is King in SEO and posting high-quality content will help you to attract more visitors and build your brand.
So to increase your search traffic always post high-quality content everywhere.
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Work on your website's SEO in order to rank your targeted keywords on first page of google.
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Thanks to all experts for sharing such a piece of information about the how to increase the search traffic. Once again thanks.

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