How to improve SEO and Increase Google Rankings cheap?

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I came to the conclusion that to make my website go up in rankings improve #SEO you juts have to #InvestMoney into #OnlineMarketing!

So my question is how can I do it cheap?
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#SEO camping or services cost depends on a few important factors like:

Keywords you target as those that have high search volume or high competition are hard to conquer I mean it's hard to get high rankings for them which means that you have to beat all your competition and that is some seriously hard work that will take the price up to 1k per month + extras!

#OnSite + #OffSite optimization will cost you even more!
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You can improve your website ranking by doing the on-page and off-page SEO techniques and skills which are as follows:
1: On-page SEO techniques
2: Social Bookmarking
3: Business Listing
4: Link Directories
5: Forum Posting
6: Blogging
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You must be stupid to throw all away money to rank up your website through pay-per-clicks, buying guest posting services, investing in PBNs (which is illegal by the way and you're website might be penalized).

Don't get me wrong, there are people out there who do this for a living as their business. But as a white-hat seo practitioner, the only advice I can tell you is create good content for your website that people will share and talk about, guest post on high quality websites, build nofollow links through blog commenting, and list your website in directories.

That's how you increase google rankings cheap, actually at no cost at all. Just effort.

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