How much money do you make on YouTube?

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Are you one of those #MakingMoney on #YouTube? If so then would you mind to share how much do you make at the end of the month and how much traffic does your channel get a month?
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When I started to #MakeMoneyYoutube I had 3 channels and was making close to 1k then got banned Smile
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If you want to make money online then you have to take the following steps to make easiest and secure money:
1: First create Gmail Account
2: Then Create Youtube Channel
3: Post High Quality and decent videos with attractive caption
4: Add your youtube account to Google Adsense
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There are various ways to make money on YouTube. Few of them are mentioned below:

1. Monetize with Google Adsense
2. Selling own service and product
3. Selling affiliate product
4. Bring a lot of targeted traffic to your blog/website
5. Advertise others links in your video description

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