How much money do you make from a blog?

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Are you #MakeMoneyOnline? Are you running a blog? I mean do you make a living blogging? If so please tell me how much money do you make blogging or how much can I expect to make?
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Well I am not running a blog but to #MakeMoney from #Blogging you will need to get a ton of traffic in the first page traffic is #money!
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$100 per month
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My friend has got a cosmetic blog and she told me that for money from one sponsored post she pay bills, for second she pay for rent and for the third she buys food. But she don't publish only three post per month.

The conclusion is: when you have a good content (and she has got very good one), you can live only for money from your blog.
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i write blog on regular basis but not yet money earning, have any idea to share

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