How long It takes to see the results?

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No the people have the cent percent right answer for this question!
It purely depends on the following:
1. Website quality
2. Targeted market
3. Brand value (Popularity, backlinks, social exposure...etc)

Normally any website takes max 6 months to reach to a good ranking position organically.
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Not to say exact days or months it needs.
Its all about our valuable efforts have to be put on every single day.
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There are frequent changes in Google Algorithm which play a major role in ranking of your website. In my opinion, according to the present algorithm website quality and creating quality backlinks with unique contents on high pr sites is the major key for ranking your website. Estimated time for the ranking of your website depends on the quality and quantity of your link building.
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I would say that it will take about three months to see the results.

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