How do I utilize aggressive tax strategies in my small business?

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What are the best aggressive tax strategies I can use to make my small business more profitable by paying less taxes?
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To pay less taxes try to make to pay in cash without leaving any traces of the deal this way you will only pay for what you have declared and they can see.
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It will be better to meet Tax lawyer who will guide you in the right direction.
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Nowadays, Government are more concern about the tax and tax payers. If you are trying to hide something then, it will go to wrong way. I am also a business woman I know the value of extra income, but there should be something aside of nothing.
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Going down the route of avoiding tax could come to bite you in the butt later on, I recommend staying within the rules and just trying to optimize your income in other ways
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I think you can consult good financial advisor. He will give you best solution.
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Better using bank services in this matter which more transparent in the tax paying system. It reduces the hassle.
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Hire a lawyer for better and exact strategies to be implemented. As per my experience, i would recommend you to show some investments or lose to minimize your tax investment.

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If you are running small business then you must do the following business to strengthen your business and this could only be possible by doing honest and fair practices. As tax evasion will not let your business strong.

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