How can I make a living as an online writer?

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What does it take to make money online from selling articles or content? I mean I would like to become a content writer and get paid for it how can I do it?
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If you can produce high quality and rich in #keywords content then you will have no problems to #makemoneyonline . Post your offer here on our #marketplace include your price rates.
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Post your article writing service in forum, provide various kind of articles and also sell readymade articles, etc.

You can even offer a service for blog management.
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If you are a good writer than there are plenty of ways you can make money online. There are many blogs who are willing to pay you if you provide them high quality content then you can join some freelancing websites like upwork and elance and get writing work from there, there are plenty of writing tasks available on these freelancing websites.
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As a freelancer you can make your own online presence by writing good quality of content in various blogger and article websites. Keep it up.
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If you want to become a professional content writer then you have to do the following things:
1: Create quality target oriented keyword enriched content
2: Join Every world-class forum like freelancers
3: Sell Your Content online at your price

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