How can I find clever ways to pay for my college education?

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Where folks like me with no cash can get money to pay for their college tuition?
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Well how about applying for as many #scholarship as you can this means you will get educated for free.
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In universities. There's so many scholarships and finacial aids for you to apply
In university or college website, find finacial aids section and apply
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You can do some of the followings:
- Take a part time job.
- Apply for scholarships
- Take a loan.
- Buy and sell on Craigslist
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I read an article on startupwhale about "business ideas for teens" may be this can solve your problem. If not, you can always apply for scholarships.
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If you are competent and intelligent then you can easily grab scholarships from any college or university. The other method to pay your college fee is to do part time job and after that, you can easily pay your college dues.

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