How To Save Money On Household Expenses - Such As Heat And Water?

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Please share your tips, tricks, tactics and techniques that will help me to save money household expenses stuff like heat, water and electricity?
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The simple solution is just to be more efficient and use less of those resources.
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Invest in proper facilities etc. In the long run, you will save money on something like energy for example if you have the right kind of insulation. I'll be honest, I never know how to save water lol I refuse to cut back showers or cleaning my flat!
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Using the resource more efficiently is the key to success. This difficult step to perform but one get this in practise it will be easy for you.
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Add Attic Insulation
Apply Weather Stripping
Insulate Outlets and Light Switche
Install a Programmable Thermostat
Install a Low-Flow Shower Head
Insulate your Water Heater
Wash Clothes in Cold Water
Pack the Dishwasher
Hand Wash Large Pots, Pans, and Dishes
Buy Energy Star Appliances
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Using solar energy is a great way. Some people these days use the hybrid system of solar and wind on their rooftop which is effective.
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It is very much easy to save money from the household expenses such as heat and water as you can make more money by using the following thing use electricity when you really need and you should also use to the water when you really need and for that you should store water into your water tank and save the water from wasting for useless things.

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