Get Adsense approved fast?

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I applied for #Adsense account a week ago and yet don't see the approval email from them! I am afraid to apply second time what should I do? How to get the account approved fast?
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Please take a look at the blog post:
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Step by step instructions to get Adsense account endorsement for BlogSpot blog:
1.Buy a custom space name.
2.Use Google applications to make a space particular email address.
3.Add pages like About, Contact.
4.Ensure you utilize a clean BlogSpot plan. ...
5.Have atleast 10-15 elegantly composed blog entries.
6.Ensure you don't utilize copyright pictures.
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Before anything else, you have to apply for a Google AdSense account. Just go to the AdSense homepage and click on the "Sign up now" red button. Step 2. Tell us about your content - enter your main website/blog URL where you want ads to be displayed, then select your website content language.
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If you want to approve your google adsense account fast.then you have to take the following steps:
1: Create your own website
2: Then Link your website to the google adsense
3: Then Facebook will verify your account and your website
4: It's up to Google either to accept and refuse your application

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