Forex trading credit money?

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Is there a way to do FX trading without investing real money cause I would like to test it first to see how it works and then when I am ready spend real money?
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Forex allow you to create training where you can use virtual money to test your strategy or Forex Expert Advisors.
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Forex Broker Funding Methods

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Western Union

eWallet payments
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In the foreign exchange market, you can test your strategy with the help of virtual money of the foreign exchange market.
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It is good to approach that you are going to test virtual money instead of real money in forex trading credit money. As there are so many apps which allows you to trade virtually in forex trading and you can easily learn about the basic technique and structure of forex trading.
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Making careful use of the best forex trading strategies based on this technical analysis of market indicators is the only way you can truly profit from currency trading over the long term.

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