Ecommerce SEO?

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Ecommerce SEO is much more similar like normal SEO campaigns. For me handling a larger website is bit easy than the single page website.
For any website branding is the key, Try to brand your niche than targeting keyword anchors.
Conversion and landing page optimization is a necessary option to increase your sales.
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Any type of website whether it's eCommerce, online business or simply a blog needs SEO to get on Google first page for the keywords relevant to their niche!
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I agree with above answer..SEO for eCommerce website is called eCommerce SEO..
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Common Mistakes:

1 Create Intuitive Product Descriptions
2 Descriptions Done Wrong: Using the “Manufacturer Description”
3 Product Reviews
4 Optimize Your Product Pages Properly
5 Using the Wrong Titles (Non-Unique)
6 Duplicate Content is a Problem
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Doing eCommerce SEO is a tricky thing to do.You need to know about optimizing your Ecommerce site, from keyword research to technical SEO to link building.
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Total guide for E-commerce for SEO -
1. Keyword Research
2. Site Architecture
3. Technical SEO
4. On-Site SEO.
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Ecommerce SEO is a great deal more comparative like ordinary SEO battles. For me taking care of a bigger site is bit simple than the single page website.Optimise your Actinic internet business webpage with the web index instruments gave or utilizing our Google Certified SEO administrations.
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Local SEO has undergone a handful of overhauls in the past few years, and it’s likely that new technologies (like wearable tech) will increase the importance of local results even further.E-commerce companies often don’t think about a local strategy, since they operate on a national level and therefore want to target a larger national audience.

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