Earn money online?

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how to earn money online I am looking for ways to make it fast and easy and free?
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How about you try making money online by #blogging using Google blogger which is a free blog or on #youtube with #GoogleAdsense.
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Digital marketing is the way to earn fast money
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There are numerous methods to earn money online as some of online platforms are as following:
1: Creating Youtube Channel
2: by doing blogging
3: By doing online Surveys
4: By doing Content writing
5: By doing freelancing
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I find getting free bitcoins and other cyptos from faucets very easy and its free! As we all know, a lot of websites offer bitcoin or crypto investments but a lot of these are scams.

What I do is look for faucets that gives away free bitcoins, ethereums, litecoins, etc. then stack it all up, have some referrals through affiliate marketing.

Its easy but it takes a lot of effort. Just be careful for phishing websites.
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Affiliate marketing, Freelance writing, Video marketing, Blogging etc are the perfect way to make money online without any investment.
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There are many method to make money fast.
1) Become SEO expert
2) Become Digital Marketer
3) Become Freelancer
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Only digital marketing where you can earn money.

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