Bing Ads vs Google Adwords?

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I wanna #advertise my #OnlineBusiness on the search engine and since I don't have much money to invest I would like to hear your opinion on which adverting company I should use to do it cheap?
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Sure Bing ads is cheaper but since everybody is on Google I would use Adwords in stead! You can advertise on Google cheap too using coupons and promo codes.
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We see blended outcome crosswise over both stages, contingent upon the record we're dealing with, so it's hard to recognize inclines in the contrasts between the two systems, when we're attempting to advance battles.
Since both systems are dealt with in an unexpected way, unless utilizing an advertisement trade, it's uncommon that like-for-like battles over the systems reflect each other regarding set-up.
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We see mixed result across both platforms, depending on the account we’re working on, so it’s difficult to identify trends in the differences between the two networks, when we’re trying to optimize campaigns.

Because both networks are treated differently, unless using an ad-exchange, it’s rare that like-for-like campaigns across the networks mirror each other in terms of set-up.
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There is a great competition between Microsoft and Google as both have their own identity. The Microsoft has Bing search engine but it cannot compete the Giant Google. As all brands and business allocate their digital advertisement as Google AdWords has great capability to give business all across the word.

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