Best payment gateway for my ecommerce store?

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What is the best payment gateway for my e-commerce store?
Paypal is good, but I can see many reviews that the support system of PayPal is little bad and they are closing the account for no reason.
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Well for payment processing which is the back bone of any business I would not risk it and go with the best online banking service PayPal.
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Chargeback free is Bitcoin but it can increase risk of other things.

Bitpay, Payza, etc.
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Best for PayPal.
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PayPal provides free setup. Most of the gateways are owned by paypal. No one is perfect. Go with PayPal.
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There are numerous ways to get payment for your e-commerce store as you can use the following methods:
1: Delivery on Cash
2: Payment through Credit Card
3: Payment through online banking
4: Payment through Paypal
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Best payment gateways in India, for your E-Commerce website.

Top 5 Payment Gateways List

1. PayPal
2. Google Wallet
3. Direcpay
4. Citrus Pay
5. CC Avenue
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Paypal or use master card and visa. It actually also depends on where you are located. In my country there are a lot of other options and very few use Paypal. But if you have customers internationally, Paypal is the way to go. There are times when their customer support sucks but that is understandable knowing how big of a platform they are.

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