Anchor and its importance?

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Text which has linked or hyper linked is generally called Anchor text.

Web spider’s looks of the anchor text and the nearest content to understand the site is all about. Because the minute to minute tons of new websites are launched and it is difficult to any web bots to read and understand the whole websites.
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Anchor link is important for sure but just make sure not to use same one on all your anchors. To avoid getting penalized simply use plain URL as anchor text.

Also if your link is an image make sure to use alt tag.
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The anchor tag is essentially a tag that you can attach to a word or a phrase (exactly like you would a normal internal or external link), except it brings readers down to a different section of the page as opposed to another webpage. You're essentially creating a unique URL within the same page when you use this tag.
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The Anchor Tag has significant importance in SEO as it helps bots to read whole website and provide relevant and accurate results to the users.

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