2018 Trends in SEO

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There's a thread on here still lingering at the top of the board for 2017 SEO trends. Well, we're a few months into 2018, so let's talk 2018 SEO trends.

Big trends I see coming:
  • Your mobile site will be more important than your desktop site
  • You will need to keep users on your site for a few minutes. Users who click on your site and immediately back out will hurt your rank
  • Indepth site information with lots of related keywords should be on every page. I am hearing 500+ words on a page is ideal, broading covering topics and hitting all related keywords

I think Google is trending towards things you can't fabricate. So in the past you could fabricate a lot of inbound links to your site with something like a PBN, google is purposely tacking in another direction. A good example is the second bullet point above. You can't really fabricate mass numbers of users clicking on your site and browsing around. If you try, it will look like bots.
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Yeah bounce rate and mobile friendliness this year is the key!
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etc. in high PR sites with high PA and DA.
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The 2018 will bring little changes in SEO as some of them are as follows:
1: Rise of Mobile Accelerated Pages
2: Off-page SEO

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3: On-Page SEO:

Precise and Attractive Keyword based Content
Optimized Images

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