How To Get Adsense Approved Fast Without A Website?

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The trick to get Adsense account approval fast without the website is to create a Google Plus profile or a page this will also create automatically YouTube channel so just go to YouTube settings and first verify it you should see "Partner Verified" then on the same page find monetization and you should see a green button image. Move to the right and click on "View monetization settings".

Now remember that you need to have at least one video uploaded by now! In the page you should see some like "Your account is enabled for monetization"

Now under "Guidelines and Information" click on "How will I get paid?" it will say

Quote:Payments are managed through a Google AdSense account. You must associate an AdSense account to your YouTube account in order to be paid.

The text above will contain a link just click on it: associate an AdSense account

In a new window you will see this text:

Quote:You will be redirected to AdSense to link your existing AdSense account or create a new one if you do not have one yet. Once you have completed this process, you will be redirected back to YouTube.

At the bottom click on NEXT

Now yet in another window you will see:

Would you like to use an existing Google Account to sign in to AdSense?

Since we don't have a Adsense account click on: "No, create a new Adsense account"

That is it simply complete the steps Adsense requires to apply for an account and within 48 hours you should get a confirmation email.

Good Luck with make money online.
Posted on: 10-07-2015 , 11:42 AM Post ID: #3
To get Adsense approval with the website make sure the site has a policy and terms of use pages.
Posted on: 09-07-2015 , 02:51 PM Post ID: #2
OMG got my Adsense approved within a few hours no joke without website only with YouTube this system works awesome.