how to create or get backlinks fast?

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Creating backlinks is a major hurdle for SEO's which commands a lot of time. I haven't figured out anyone who can build backlinks fast (at least the quality backlinks), even if one is able to build, most of them would be poor links having least value to SEO campaign.

One should be looking at the quality of links over quantity because the quality is what Google looks at & not quantity. Here are some ways to build quality links:
1. Guest Posting
2. Article Submission
3. Q&A
4. Citation Outreach
5. Blog Comment
6. Bookmarking
7. Forum Participation
8. Infographic Submission
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You can follow a few smart ways to get fast backlinks

Broken-link building method
Backlinks through infographics
Guest articles
Spy on your competitors
Build internal links
Promoting content
Write testimonials

Thanks. I hope it helps you
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By using the keywords accroding to the requuirements we can get the back links speedly

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