how to create or get backlinks fast?

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#Backlinks seem to be the key to #Google high rankings right! So is there any submitter or generator to get backlinks for free?
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What matters is the quality, relevant and from PA (page authority) #backlinks! There are many #SEOServices that will generate backlinks for your website cheap!

But if you prefer do it for free and yourself the use:

#SocialMedia sites -> Social media signals are very important in #SEO
Forum posting and blog commenting.
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2 quality free back links i recently read about.

Firefox and Google+ profiles allows you to add a website url.

Instant links from PR10 websites.
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Number is not important, Only quality and related to your niche is important.

If you have a good numbers of quality backlink then it will help you to rank higher.
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use social bookmarking sites, they usually give you instant backlinks.
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there are multiple way to create high quality backlink for your website. we are going to share the latest techniques to create backlink for your website fastly.
1. forum posting
2. press release submit
3. guest post
4. infographics
5. blog commenting
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7 Ways To Get Quality Backlinks -

1. Article Marketing

2. Social Networking Site Profile

3. Press Release

4. Link Exchange

5. Document Sharing Sites

6. Guest Blogging

7. Commenting.
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You can get the number of backlinks within an hour but it counts as a black hat SEO.So do not go for the quantity,go for the quality links.
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You can get the quantity of backlinks inside a hour yet it considers a dark cap SEO.So don't go for the quantity,go for the quality connections.
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PPC is also the best solution if you want backlinks quicker.

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