cheap stock broker online?

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Hi guys I had decided to try my luck on stock market. I would like to buy stocks right but it appears you can't purchase stocks online without the broker. However they have very elevated commissions.

What are the best and cheap stock brokers?

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Hi do you really gonna trust your #money and investment to some cheap online broker. When it comes to money you have to work with the best professionals that had been working on the stock market for yearn.
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List of cheap stock broker online:

1: TD Ameritrade
2: Merrill Edge
3: OptionsHouse
4: Scottrade
5: Capital One Investing
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It is true that if you have good money for investment then you must go to professional and reliable broker instead of cheap broker so that you should have satisfaction that your money will not go into waste. so keep my advice in mind and always have profit in your life.
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Check for an online broker's availability. Online brokers should have zero technical problems especially on their trading platforms. Aside from internet access, an online broker should also be reachable on message. Make sure you do not get any problems with your broker being out of the country or you being put on hold for a long time. In a fast-paced world of trading, a second could mean several hundred dollars.
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As per my knowledge the cheapest online stock broker who charge very low is SAS which charge flat fee of Rs 9 per executed order whenever you trade across equity, commodity or currency segment.
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for these better search in Quora or google it

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