best offline marketing strategies?

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Let say I have a product or a service that I would like to market what should I do to quickly get customers and start making sales?
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Well it all comes down do dollar figure! The best marketing strategy is to advertise on TV and Radio plus on some national newspaper.
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Television is the most effective , the questions is whether you can afford it or not , newspaper is another pretty good options which is very much affordable for almost anyone.
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And also: billboards, freeboards, mobile billboards. You can also use art to advertise your product, e.g. street art or you can organize a contest for your future customers.
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Television is by far the best option, if you can afford it Smile
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Open your shop of your interest and start working.
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Digital Marketing is the channel where one can promote the product or service effectively.
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While coming to the offline marketing some of the best techniques are
1. Try to create attractive business cards
2. Printed marketing
3. Big Billboards
4. Offers and Discounts
5. Get your own PR team
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Well, I guess you should inves money in a good marketing team and they will help you to make your business wellknown
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Offline marketing is the procedure to make mark mindfulness and reach till target client to fulfill their requirements and need.
Offline marketing Media includes:
3. Brochure
4. Flyers
6.News papers

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