Zencart or open cart?

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Which platform is the best option to build my new ecommerce site? Is zencart is much more similar like wordpress?
I want that website built very soon. Need your advice.
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I have to admit I am kind of new to eCommerce and would like to learn about zen cart vs opencart?
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For eCommerce , its always good to use Magento, pretashop as its best for eCommerce sites, the zen cart and opencart out dated now a days for eCommerce sites
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I can also recommend Magento, but if you need to choose between those two, I would definitely choose The Zen Cart. Hope this helps.
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Item Info. OpenCart is an open-source shopping basket based on PHP/MySQL code. Zen Cart really is the specialty of internet business; it is a free, easy to understand, open source shopping basket programming. ... A stage with an assortment of elements that empower you to fabricate and work online stores and offer items.

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