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Nowadays most of the people are doing work from home due to Covid-19 Pandemic. It is one of the best way to earn huge income while sitting at home. There are various types of work from home jobs available these days. Some of them are-

1. Blogging (You can start your own Blog and earn money through it by placing affiliate links).
2. Freelance Writing (If you are passionate about writing you can apply as content writer on various job portals).
3. Freelance Digital Marketer (If you are passionate about SEO & Digital Marketing, you can take 2-3 projects on freelance basis and can do proper SEO of that website).
4. Consulting (If you like to solve the problems of business owners/entrepreneurs you can start working as consultant).
5. Data Entry (If you're master in MS Excel you can do various data entry jobs)
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There are lots of freelancing idea where you can easily earn money by working from home like digital marketing.

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