Why we need SEO?

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In simple,
Just search for a keyword “SEO Company” on Google.com

You will get at least thousands of websites offering SEO services, but remember the page 1 websites are getting most of the businesses.

Everyone wants their business marketed online; online marketing becomes more competitive and risky. Lot of companies falling down due to the lack of promotion. SEO helps in such a way that the business to be marketed online.

Add more notes in this thread please.
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SEO is simply the requirements that every website needs to comply with if the webmaster of that site wants to get high rankings and traffic from the search engine.
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Seo can be done in order to rank your website in different search engines in order to generate more and more traffic to your website.
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Well, the SEO is necessary to promote website and to get people aware about the services and the product which a website offers using search engines.

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