Why people fail to make money online?

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What is the reason or reasons that so many people fail at the making money online?
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(06-06-2015 04:00 PM)sasha Wrote:  What is the reason or reasons that so many people fail at the making money online?

One of the big reasons why people fail online is mindset. For things to change you have to change, you need to believe you will make it and stop being a victim. You need to work on yourself first if you dont have a wealthy mindset (and i mean every single day).
Make the decision to go all in and that there is no way back and just go.

Another reason is because people dont take massive action. Fist you need to find someone that is getting great results and tell you what you need to do. And then you need to do exactly that, having a daily action plan and not quitting till you make it. Results sometimes dont show up instantly and that is why most people quit, jumping to the next big opportunity trying to be in first so they can make some cash without wanting to learn the skills that will make them successfull. people are always looking for the magic buton that will make them money without any work, Guess what? that buton is called massive action.
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In my opinion the biggest reason is because they give up too soon.

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