Which one is the best URL structure?

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I plan to start blog on my ecommerce store.
Which one is the best choice? Both search engines and users.
Blog.ecommercestore com or ecommercestore com/blog
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What you asking is called subdomain vs subdirectory.

Subdomain for Google is a competently new website!
Subdirectory for Google is an extension of the present website!

Sub-domain is used to get more relevant domain name and sub-directory is used to improve the current website SEO!
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If you have asking about SEO point of view then you should go for ecommercestore com/blog
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Actually using ecommercestore / blog for your store provides you following two benefits

1st) Good SEO result as its linked as a main domain not subdomain
2nd) No need to purchase different SSL certificates for main domain ecommercestore and blog ecommercestore , you can purchase SSL certificate for main domain ecommercestore and it will cover ecommercestore / blog - Reliable Hosting Provider
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if you want to start blog for existing website than this url is best (ecommercestore com/blog)
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URL remains for Uniform Resource Locator. A Uniform Resource Locator goes up against a specific arrangement through which you can make associations or potentially get to data utilizing different conventions. A URL is the worldwide address for an archive or asset on the web. URL linguistic structure: convention://domainOrIPAddress:port/way/filename.
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It's hard to say if sub domains are better for SEO or not because it depends on many other factors.

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