What is the best way to earn money online?

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Being able to make money online is what everybody wants am I right sure I am? The only kicker is it's not easy nor fast and in many occasions ain't free!

OK back to the topic, what in your opinion are the top ways anyone can easily start earning money on the internet right now? #MakeMoneyOnline #EarnMoneyOnline
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If you know any skills like web designing and development etc or seo skills then you can create your own company website and can promote your skills on the internet and can sell these services to your clients. If you do not have any such skills then you can create a website and promote products and services of other websites like web hosting sites or ecommerce sites and earn a commission with each sale. You can also start blogging to earn from Adsense and infolinks.
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Get rich with small investment one way is trading or stock market investment.
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If you want to get some additional income but you do not have much time, you can earn money by joining some trusted PTC sites.

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