What is stock market and how to make money?

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I hear that there are lots of people #MakingMoney on #StockMarket then it means it must be a way to #MakeMoney that pays good right since it's that popular right? How do it works and how much money do I have to invest?
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A stock exchange is an exchange or stock market where stock brokers and traders can buy and/or sell stocks (also called shares), bonds, and other securities.


Facebook Inc
NASDAQ: FB - Sep 4 7:58 PM EDT
88.26Price increase0.11 (0.12%)

As you can see Facebook share price is almost 90 bucks so if you buy and it goes up you will drops you lose Smile
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The stock market is the market in which shares of publicly held companies are issued and traded either through exchanges or over-the-counter markets.
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Share or stock are the Legal term for the investment money in any listed company in the market place, Share market Provides the analytics which represents the overall company value in term of the share value, you can buy or sell share any time

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