What is facebook exactly?

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The question raised in my mind yesterday after reading a quote from the web about Facebook.
“Facebook is a place where you can pleasure and business”
I am in the facebook for more than 4 years for enhancing my business. Shall I allow my daughter into that?
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Facebook it's simply cool and it's used by teens and pretty much anyone to connect with their buddies and share some photos and thoughts. However Facebook just like any social media page has its some ups and downs.
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All things considered, at its most essential, Facebook is a site. You'll see it through a web program like Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer, a similar way you may explore to a web index like Google or to an aircraft's site to book tickets. (You can likewise get to it utilizing an application on your cell phone.) This figure indicates what you will most likely observe when you explore to Facebook.
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I think FB became an inseperable part of our daily life and you can not stop it or hide that from your child. The only thing you can do is to show by your own example how to use it in a proper way and to explain that it is not a real life but rather a imaginary one
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Facebook is a social networking website and service where users can post comments, share photographs and links to news or other interesting content on the Web, play games, chat live, and even stream live video.
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Facebook is a social networking site that makes it easy for you to connect and share with your family and friends online. Originally designed for college students, Facebook was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg while he was enrolled at Harvard University.

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