What are breadcrumbs?

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Breadcrumbs are used in larger websites, with the breadcrumbs user can easily know where he/she standing in the website.

Types of breadcrumbs:
Path-based breadcrumbs
Keyword-Optimized Breadcrumbs
Location-based breadcrumbs

Note: Do not use breadcrumbs for keyword based internal linking
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We call it simply navigation and it's both user and SEO friendly.
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Yeah, It helps in navigation part of the site and tells user where they are in the site, when the article is updated etc.
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seo friendly navigation in horizontal way. easy to understand by both crawler and users.
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yes its a part of navigation, it helps users yo navigate from one page to another.
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I've know about breadcrums recently and I think it's a good way to build a professional website.
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breadcrums is very important way to create strong internal linking for website. you should use this techniques in your website.

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