Top ways to make money online and offline?

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What are the best and top or let just say the easiest ways to make money online and make money from home?

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These would be my top way to earn money online

Adsense or PPC
Affiliate programs
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These are some good ideas, but some of the are very hard to make money off of that is worth the time and effort you put into it. You can try Earn money to making money easily from home ..
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You have to realize that whether you try to make money online of offline your business needs traffic and customers to profit and make it grow get bigger.

That being said to make earn money online for instance it doesn't matter what online business, website or a blog you have as long as you get tons of traffic.

Pick a niche that gets a ton of monthly Google searches and then invest some serious money into the website, SEO and internet marketing.
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For a beginner, Adsense is a pretty easy way I guess.

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