The Hottest Businesses To Start When The Economy Is Down?

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What are the best business to start that will produce a ton of money (profit) that works best when the economy is down and people are struggling?
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Buying cheap real estate properties, houses fix them and then sell them for a profit when the economy recovers or rent them until that time or simply. Hose flipping works.
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Health care.
Many segments of this industry have virtually insurmountable barriers to entry. But with a huge aging Baby Boomer population, there will be opportunities in home health care services.
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There are multiple businesses you can start when the economy is down and you have a chance to make a difference I mean profit. The best business you can start is the real estate and you can also go to buy little companies and convert them into profitable businesses.
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I guess, start something related to food because even in the toughest times, everyone want to have food to survive.

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