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I'm a new user on this forum. Please tell me which is best on post reply or Thread post. I want to spread business.

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Hi what kind of business are we talking about there online or offline one?
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Let us know first your business, you want online or offline?
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Well it depends on you business. If you are here then lets assume it is online.
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I think both, It depends on what are you telling ?
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Depends what you want to talk about, each thread is relevant to a specific topic
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I think you should post according to your business. like you can post and comment to the threads. If you're following Web like thinks than you can go with general.
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Hey first of nice to meet all members here...
I really want to thanks the admin of this forum as this is one of a best marketing forum for small businesses. Keep sharing your ideas and updates on business growth.

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Promote your business through Digital markerting Strategy. Digital Marketing Strategy are SEO, SMO, PPC, Display advertising
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It all depends on what you kind of business you want to promote and what is your content if you have quality content then use it in thread post and if you do not have it then use in post reply. As Thread Post will only represent your own business details.

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